Ep 94 – NAACOS Health Policy Update and the Cancellation of the GPDC Model, with Allison Brennan

Allison Brennan is the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS) in Washington, D.C. where she helps develop and advocate for policies to benefit ACOs.

In this special bonus episode, she provides an extensive update on health policy and directly addresses the critics of the Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model.  This episode was recorded and released on February 16, 2022 in order to address the alarming concerns related to the potential cancellation of the Direct Contracting program.

Check out this episode for the latest health policy updates and to learn more about this controversial GPDC issue in the value-based care movement!

Episode Bookmarks:

01:30 Introduction to Allison Brennan, NAACOS Senior Vice President of Government Affairs

03:00 Controversary and panic around the rumored cancellation of the Global and Professional Direct Contracting model (or GPDC) model!

05:30 The history of the ACO program as the premier payment model in the shift to value-based care

07:00 The recent trend of flat or declining growth of ACOs

08:00 Allison provides her perspective on the value movement as it relates to the growth of ACOs and other APMs

09:30 Recent changes in ACO policy and the importance of not defining “risk” as the same as “value”

11:00 The integration of health equity in all CMMI payment models and the need for upfront funding

13:00 Allison discusses the need to support providers (e.g. data, tools, education) in order to address SDOH and equity requirements of APMs

17:00 Prior success with the ACO Investment Model (AIM) and other provider investment programs to support APM adoption

18:30 Benchmarking methodology and the importance of focusing on inequities

20:00 An outline of value-based care legislative priorities contained within the “Value In Health Care Act of 2021

22:30 Incentives for MSSP ACOs adoption and the extension of the 5% Advanced APM bonus as a top priority for NAACOS

29:00 Allison reflects on her work with the current Administration and the continued leadership needed

32:00 Allison explains the challenge with the “Rural Glitch” and the importance of fixing the MSSP Benchmarking Methodology

37:00 An overview of the Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) model

39:00 Allison explains NAACOS’ support of the Direct Contracting model and the differences between the three DC options (Global, Professional, and Geographic)

42:00 Recent criticisms of GPDC and the need for the model to be more “provider focused”

43:00 Approaches to capitation models and benchmarking for DCEs

45:30 The deeply partisan arguments against the Direct Contracting program and rumors of its pending cancellation (e.g. Physicians for a National Health Program, Senator Warren)

49:30 Allison provides a real-time, in-depth perspective on the recent GPDC controversy

54:00 “Cancelling the program would shatter the confidence of the provider community in the shift to value” and why outright cancellation of GPDC is unlikely

57:00 Parting thoughts from Allison on the state of the value movement (Is health policy heading in the right direction and moving fast enough in this Race to Value?)