Ep 56 – Aspirational Healthcare: Employer-Led Disruptive Change and the Nuka System of Care, with Darrell Moon

Only 25% of health is in the control of the healthcare system. So why does our country continue to pump the majority of its health care spending into a deficit-based health care model that focuses solely on the science of doing something to the individual? Aspirational Healthcare is a better answer, spending 75% on supporting the individual in the ownership and management of their own health. And employer-driven reform is the key that will unlock aspirational healthcare for millions nationwide.

Our guest this week is Darrell Moon, CEO of Orriant, a company that changes the dynamics of health care and gives employers control over the ever-increasing costs of the health care benefits they offer their employees. Join us as we discuss the Nuka System of Care in Alaska, employer-driven reform, and the principles of Aspirational Healthcare – all are important milestones on the race to value!


Episode Bookmarks:

1:45 What is an Aspirational Healthcare System?

2:50 Background on Darrell Moon, CEO of Orriant

3:20 Background on Nuka System of Care (the role model for Aspirational Healthcare)

4:30 The Aspirational Healthcare Conference (July 14-15, 2021)

5:20 Darrell talks about his recent discovery of Nuka System of Care and how it inspired him

6:00 Southcentral Foundation instituted a total system-wide transformation of care with Nuka

7:30 Referencing Dr. Doug Eby of Nuka and the requirements of an ideal health system

8:45 Training workers to be “partnering influencers” rather than just diagnosticians and treatment planners

9:40 The current healthcare system has an improperly skilled workforce (Aspirational Healthcare addresses this first!)

11:55 CQI drives us to meet the needs of the customer, but it doesn’t work in FFS

12:45 Business Leaders and the Federal Government are really the true customer in the American healthcare system (not the patient!)

14:00 Darrell talks about why employers are a transformational force to a more customer-centric health ecosystem

16:00 Employers need to create incentives in their healthcare purchasing model to empower change

17:00 Why would the system ever change on its own?  Employers must take the lead!

18:00 Darrell explains an Aspirational Healthcare investment strategy for employers to follow

19:00 Creating a “massively powerful” primary care system

19:30 The importance of influencers in improving patient outcomes

20:30 Investing in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for employees to pay deductibles and copays

21:50 ‘Poor health’ costing employers $530B on top of the $880B they already spend in premium dollars!

23:30 Southcentral Foundation demanded “perfect healthcare” in creating Nuka twenty years ago (and it worked!)

24:30 Lessons learned from Haven’s failure being applied with Amazon Care and Walmart Health

24:50 The founding of employer-sponsored group health insurance in WWII

25:50 The leadership of Regina Herzlinger in creating Health Reimbursement Accounts

27:20 Darrell discusses what Amazon Care will look like when it completes its’ healthcare strategy!

28:30 Employers will move away from Employer-Sponsored Group Health Insurance in the next ten years!

30:00 Nuka’s relationship-based healthcare system is centered around “massively powerful primary care”

31:00 Building a Direct Primary Care practice based on a prescription model

32:45 Primary Care Quarterbacking to reduce medical errors associated with lack of specialty care coordination

33:30 Direct Primary Care is doing what Nuka did by creating a “massively powerful primary care” model.

35:30 Darrell discusses the impact of behavioral health integration on improving cost and clinical outcomes

37:30 Implementing strategies to address Complex Behavioral Change to improve population health

39:00 Creating relationships based on trust is key to helping patients

39:45 Balancing the amygdala (emotion) and prefrontal cortex (reasoning) functions of the human brain

41:20 The need to destigmatize mental health and create earlier interventions through surveying and health coaching

43:00 Managing catastrophic mental health issues through innovation

45:00 Apps and digital solutions are only part of the answer.  Relationships are the most important thing!

47:30 Nuka’s Results (40% reduction in ER visits, 36% reduction in hospital admits, etc.)

48:30 How Nuka builds trusting relationships from effective storytelling!

50:00 Nuka as the best organization (in any industry) that has implemented CQI!

51:30 Darrell discusses how Edward Deming’s focus on customers relates to servant leadership

53:00 “The solvency of your organization is your customer.”

54:00 Register for the Aspirational Healthcare conference at https://aspirationalhealthcare.com/