Ep 3 – Working Together to Care as One, with Dr. David Nace

How does an organization have a banner year in 2019, start 2020 with additional momentum, and then continue to grow despite COVID-19 making them change their whole approach? Because they have something the market needs, because they are able to adapt, because they care about solving their customer’s needs – and the list goes on.


Earlier this year, Innovaccer released survey results showing that more than 45 percent of healthcare executives understand value-based care; however, most of those are still in the pilot phase of their value-based performance or risk-based transition. About 30% said all patient data is not in one place, and many organizations are not using artificial intelligence. The inadequate progress towards true democratization of data and widespread interoperability confirms we have much to do as an industry in creating a more workable approach to health value. Innovaccer is leading an important movement towards data activation and the creation of a unified, longitudinal patient record, including in part, their InCare solution: an artificial Intelligence-enabled care management platform that automates workflows and creates point-of-care alerts.


In this podcast episode, we are speaking with Dr. David Nace, Chief Medical Officer for Innovaccer. His experience as a family physician, an executive in the insurance industry, an advisor on a government task force, a chair for the Primary Care Collaborative, and a host of other experiences make Dr. Nace a perfect guest to help health care professionals understand better approaches to data. In the race to make value work, Dr. Nace and Innovaccer are showing the industry how to care as one.


05:27     Fee-for-service as the “wild west” of healthcare motivating his journey in value

09:40     Data activation required to effectively manage a patient population

12:27     The effect of the pandemic as a contributor to even more innovation

16:30     Education and workforce development needed for value-based care transformation

19:05     Transcending the vendor-customer relationship by forging collaborative partnerships

23:05     ACLC as a vehicle to expand learning through industry collaboration

26:21     Leveraging large employers to drive patient-centered, primary care empowerment

28:10     PCMH principles as building blocks of whole-person care

30:45     The birth of the ACOs as an outgrowth of the PCMH movement

36:18     Using machine learning and AI to provide insights and create efficiencies

37:24     Overcoming inertia and using COVID-19 as a source of technological innovation

40:22     The three stages of AI: real-time data insights, insight-driven action, and automation

43:55     Unified patient records allow for automated chart reviews and AI-driven clinician workflows

47:05     How the pandemic will allow us to overcome inertia in health value

49:06     Medicare Advantage as a potential scenario for payment reform

51:25     SDOH and how to understand the true drivers of patient health outcomes

54:23     Zipcodes and credit scores are the two most important data points to understand vulnerability

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