Ep 48 – Winning in Pediatric Value-Based Care, with Ginger Hines and Dr. Sheryl Morelli

Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, made an important observation when he said, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” Our children are wholly dependent upon us, their parents, teachers, and society for their education, their safety and their health. It is with this mindset that we proclaim, high-value pediatric care is critical for winning the race to value.

Our guests this week are Ginger Hines, Executive Director, Seattle Children’s Care Network and Dr. Sheryl Morelli, Medical Director for Seattle Children’s Care Network, and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine. Seattle Children’s Care Network (SCCN) is a pediatric clinically integrated network comprised of Seattle Children’s Hospital, 600 specialists in Children’s University Medical Group, and 20 primary care pediatric practices comprising more than 200 providers and 6 specialty clinics. Member practices in the CIN support the health of 50,000 pediatric lives in value-based contracts.

Episode Bookmarks:

03:20 Background on Seattle Children’s Care Network (SCCN) and Seattle Children’s Hospital

04:45 Pediatric value-based care being driven by employers and how SCCN formed direct-to-employer contracts

05:30 The movement to value-based care in Washington State’s Medicaid program

06:00 How SCCN engages with physicians to build trusting relationships and a shared vision

09:00 The long-term societal benefits to investing in children’s health

10:30 Children with high BMIs that become adults with diabetes, CHF, and depression

12:00 Parents missing work to take care of unhealthy children and how employers investing in children’s health care lead to productive employees

12:40 Leveraging data and analytics in the CIN and how vaccinations and well child visits are key to disease prevention

15:00 How pediatric value-based care is different than adult value-based care

15:30 Data integration within SCCN and how the HIT infrastructure is foundation to success in population health

17:20 The validation of data accuracy as a critical success factor to building trust and supporting evidence-based quality improvement

19:30 Operational efficiencies within the CIN as a more effective way to provide actionable insights to providers

21:00 Developing consistent pediatric quality metrics and standardizing care within the CIN

24:00 Benchmarking quality performance at both the regional and national level

25:00 Recognizing the opportunity in pediatric value-based care and how you have to look for cost savings and improvements in different areas

27:30 Establishing a secure intranet to provide resources and reports to providers in the CIN

29:30 Focusing on the full panel of patients in the presentation of data and how that leads to success in population health

30:00 Transitioning to telemedicine during the pandemic and how that will impact pediatric care delivery in the future

34:00 Financial results from value-based contracts by focusing on ED utilization, asthma management, well visit completion rates, transitions of care, and quality measures

36:00 Capitalizing on quality improvement projects to decrease exacerbations within asthmatic pediatric population

42:00 Expanding value-based contracts with payers, employers, and Medicaid to prepare for full capitation

44:00 Mental health of children nationally is more important than grades in school (mental health-related pediatric emergency department visits on the rise)

45:00 Integrating behavioral health within primary care and addressing social determinants of health through innovative partnerships

49:30 Food insecurity with children as a national problem (14 million children living with food insecurity, almost 6 times as many as in all of 2018)

50:00 How SCCN is looking to build a scalable, community-based approach to addressing SDOH and food insecurity

52:00 Health policy solutions for value-based care all too often treat kids as an afterthought and how SCCN approaches advocacy on behalf of children

57:00 “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela

58:00 “If we helped all of our kids live the healthiest lives possible, what would the long-term value impacts be?”